We moved! Now locally serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Humboldt and surrounding areas in Arizona USA

#reikigrandmasta, #reikigrandmaster, #moved,  #north,  #now, #locally,  #serving,  #Prescott, #PrescottValley, #ChinoValley, #Dewey, #Humboldt,  and #surrounding,  #areas in #Arizona,  #az, #USA We moved! We are now locally serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Humboldt and surrounding areas in Arizona USA. Schedule an in person Treatment or reading today, or look for announcements soon of places I will […]

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An hour of sound for sessions

#visionaryart by #androidjones Blessings to you reading this! since I first started doing workshops at the very beginning of this project, I was asked what sounds I was playing for sessions and background noise. I explained that i used a few free sound synthesizers and some binaural tone generators – about half way though […]

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The Super Quick Gokai

  @vii23 , @reikigrandmasta , #gokai , #thegokai , #reikigrandmasta , #reikigrandmaster , #quick , #prayer , #principle , #reiki I invite the help and blessings, I allow it, this is the secret. Please help me to be aware of the many blessings and be grateful Please help me to relax and trust Please help […]

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  • “just finished the first. it was wonderful. i laid in a supported supta baddha konasana to receive a bit more since i cant quite lay comfortably with my left palm upwards. with every breath after i recited that beginning mantra on the exhale melted down into the pose even more and felt the pain in my shoulder drift away and a warming sensation in my feet. my mind wandered once or twice (i havent been meditating regularly lately) but it was very sweet while i was blank and focused on receiving and tuning in. thank you thank you!!”

    GM Reno NV
  • “Hi david, I just wanted to share with you a strange experience I had with the reiki. I never received it until I remembered today, but it felt strange. Much different then last time. I felt a persistent twitching in my forehead, that made my eyelids flutter. It was hard to keep them shut. It was like my forehead was trying to split open, but not painful, if that makes sense. Then my hands started twitching. My hands started to be pulled open and pulled back shut of their own accord. There was a sensation of wind in my palms, I couldn’t tell if it was going in or out. I couldn’t take it any longer and opened my eyes and stopped the session. I felt very tired afterwards for a few hours. I happened to be wearing a necklace with a big amethyst on it, do you think that is why?”

    TL Phoenix AZ
  • “Hi David, just wanted to share more experiences with you. When I sat for the karuna ki, it was different then usual because usually it comes down in mellow waves starting from my head. This one, came in from my feet. It was similar to laying at a beach with waves breaking over you, but was warm. Towards the end it gathered in the palms of my hands and was thrumming in there almost violently? Definitely more forceful than my previous sessions. When I felt it was done I was energized and bounced up from my bed. The strangest part was when I got up, I felt empowered. I felt that my actions impacted the entire world, and I was a force for good. ANyways, it was so different from my previous soft and gentle experiences. It was tough love haha”

    TL Phoenix AZ
  • ” wanted to just touch base and say “Thank You” again. I took two of the Reiki treatments and felt courage and determination flow from them. The sensations have stayed with me, but they also helped me reframe past conflicts to realize I have more victories than I’ve allowed myself to acknowledged before; my perspective has previously been victim-based…there’s a long family heritage of this conditioning, especially for the females.
    Anyway, this new awareness has increased my self-confidence enough, so that as I continue to move through the current conflicts/anxiety-provoking events and decisions, I am far more comfortable taking the steps on the path that is laid before me. This is a new phase for me, I’m moving *towards* something for a change, instead of *away* from something.
    I see some more spheres awaiting me, but their time hasn’t arrived yet. I look forward to receiving them when they’re due.
    Many Hugs and Blessings, David. Namaste. _/|\_”

    CH Austin TX
  • ” i hope im not being presumptuous but she really needs support and i have to say i find the chi spheres wonderful.. my show on depression went great got huge feedback think the reiki really helps specially the chi spheres love and light and sending to u too namaste”

    MO Ireland
  • “tumour removed in full and it looks like all caught in time nothing in spine which was a worry so thanks so much to you and all keep it coming for a day or two while she recovers please “

    MO Ireland
  • “thanks again relaxed pins and needles effect in hands amazing

    MO Ireland
  • “i really believe reiki is very powerful.. someone tried reiki on my teacher once he was very impressed
    I think energy healing along with everything else that I’m trying, herbal treatment, diet exercise, and support from people, can really heal me..”

    APS Earth
  • “I really believe that I had cancer.. the doctors were just about to operate on me..
    and all the time I was sitting in that hospital bed I could feel your chi whether or not I was consciously receiving it or not
    so if you can heal my cancer I know you can help with my brain”

    AS Earth
  • “Thanks so much for the healing energies! I greatly appreciate your time and love. I will be in touch on the further treatments, the oracle consultation especially resonates.”

    EP – Earth
  • “Went through this today over the course of a deep sleep for about 3 hours. At the beginning, so many vivid images with no associated life experiences came to mind. At one point woke myself up with a deep moaning sound and felt that something REALLY heavy was going on, but quickly fell back asleep so was unable to identify it. At the end, had the first positive dream about a recent relationship that ended mid January. I am sure that as I contemplate later during meditation, more will unfold to me, but wanted to send you this initial response and say thank you. The energy sent was internalized and brought forth positivity. ”

    SV Dallas TX
  • ” I went to group meditation and after performing walking meditation for 10 minutes was able to go much, much deeper into a sitting meditation, which was for 20 minutes, but seemed to FLY by extremely fast without the associated common discomforts. After sitting meditation, I felt a deep sense of joy and happiness, which I haven’t been able to since my relationship ending. The meditation group I sat with is working on mindfulness from a book called, “No Mud No Lotus” and after the guide read a few excerpts from it, the group began to discuss. While they discussed, I sat with my eyes closed intently listening and smiling. I didn’t want to stop meditating, but did so eventually to add to the discussion. I told the story of my past weekend in attending Earth Day and how I had driven there, walked in and straight to a person whom I know I was sent to by all the synchronous aspects surrounding our meeting. What I want to tell you is this: I know that by combining your Reiki Chi Sphere technique with the meditation, I was able to emit some very positive energy as the group members felt the clarity and resonance of my story and referred to it as wisdom. Furthermore, they all became very energetic and lively. I look forward to doing this again and recommend to anyone that desires energy work.”

    Amitabha Dallas, TX
  • “Thank you, David. You helped me tremendously. I felt phantom hands and feel much better this morning. Many, many blessings to you. “

    SG Earth
  • “WOW!
    you are so amazing!
    Its working
    My father is feeling so much better, his sodium levels are rising, and nobody at the hospital can explain why!
    thank you so much!
    he has gotten so much better since you made you beautiful magic!
    thank you do much once again David…you are a true legend!”

    HH Istanbul Turkey
  • “And dude that sphere… You poked me right as my friend tagged me in a request for press apps. I got that sent inside 30 minutes and poured my heart into it and spent the next couple hours feeling like i was on a natural high and connected hard with my friend, who I re-introduced you to at easter. It was so good to me.”

    CC Tucson AZ
  • “Thank you for the distance healing gift. I’m finally able to get out of bed on my own.”

    TB Phoenix AZ
  • “thank-you again. I no longer have writers block and I am feeling creative for the first time in months. Thank you again for facilitating me to see again the greatness that I am by being the greatness that you are. day by day, things are looking up ”

    NM, Calgary
  • “thank-you things do feel a lot more calm, and I had sections of my body that would tingle or feel hot while the rest felt cool and breezy. Specifically my ears and lower hips. I am feeling a sense of grounding now as well. ”

    NM Alberta